I have extensive experience in working with phpBB. I can do anything from installing phpBB, installing MODs, to troubleshooting slow page loads, and creating custom modifications.

I am familiar with the phpBB codebase, and I can also create custom modifications tailored to your needs.

System Administration

I'm well-versed in using Unix based systems. I can tune your software stack to extract the best-possible performance from it. I can also perform migrations from LAMP stack to LNMP, including rewriting Apache rewrite rules to Nginx's format.

I can also handle other sysadmin tasks like writing shell scripts and cron jobs to automate various tasks and processes.


I provide hosting for high-volume and high-traffic sites; sites which typically have problems running on shared hosting. I host sites on the LNMP stack (Linux Nginx MySQL PHP) and optimise it thoroughly to increase scalability and responsiveness.

I may not be interested in hosting your site if it has low traffic and no special requirements. I mainly host websites for the sheer joy of watching a well-tuned server handle 200 concurrent connections per second without breaking a sweat.

If you think I'm the right person for your needs, send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.