A testimonial from Katrina Goodwin

My name is Katrina Goodwin and I own an Arsenal Football site. A few years ago, I was tempted to close it down after running it for 15 years. This was due to constant hosting issues. Hosts trying to charge ridiculous amounts of money and telling me it was the only way to stop my site being so slow and receiving error messages.

I had posted on the PHPBB forums regarding problems I was having. Luckily Soumik noticed and contacted me to offer his services. To this day I am grateful for that because I know closing my site would of been a big mistake.

Soumik made sure there was very little downtime in the transition and walked me through it step by step. Over the last 2 years the service he has provided has been outstanding. He always goes that extra mile which I have never known a host do. His knowledge, ability and speed is fantastic. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable host.

Katrina Goodwin
Wakefield, UK
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